Explore Scientific Dobsonian 10" Truss Tube Telescope Black 10-inch Aperture Aluminum Truss Tube Structure Easy to Disassemble and Transport ... or carrying a pair of palm-sized binoculars to your favorite sporting event. Check the specified dimensions. The 10” Explore Scientific Truss Tube Dobsonian is an ideal workhorse for deep sky observers. Call (866) 252-3811 Before I pull the trigger, is there a better value out there? Costco … Interested in star gazing? Details on planets and deep … Easy to put up and easy take down, explore galaxies and nebulae in minutes. I have the 16 inch and love it. You need to consider dimensions for the mirror … I would look closely at the Explore Scientific 10 and 12 inch truss tube DOB’s. Now selling Explore Scientific's 10-inch Dobsonian. A 254 mm mirror collects more than 1,500 times as much light as the naked eye. Page 3 of 3 - Explore Scientific 10" Truss Dob at Costco - posted in Reflectors: Im thinking of picking one of these up.