The job description of a charge nurse would basically be coordinating and overseeing the functions of a department in a healthcare facility, perfect for those looking for Jobs In Israel. Hopefully our tips on what makes a good charge nurse will help you excel on the job. Keywords: Charge Nurse resume, job description, nursing, medical, CV, work Created Date: 11/11/2016 12:30:41 PM The charge nurse is the one who assigns duties to the staff and reports to the nurse manager. Job Description for Charge Nurse Department: Surgery Dept.#: Last Updated: 7420 7/24/08 Reports To Nurse Manager Job Summary Assist the Nurse Manager in planning, organizing, directing and controlling all activities of the Surgery Department. I have read the Charge Nurse / Supervisor job description and understand the functions and objectives of the position at this Center. Charge Nurse Responsibilities include delegation of nursing assignments within the clinic, preparing schedules, monitoring and ordering of medicines and supplies. When you first become a charge nurse, it might be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of things, you will be surprised at how rewarding this job can be. Charge Nurse resume example Author: Subject: Downloadable and free call centre advisor CV template. Being a charge nurse is a big responsibility, and it’s not easy being a nurse leader. Responsible for the direction, supervision and evaluation of nursing staff and other assigned personnel. We reserve the right to change the work base of our employees to meet our business needs. JOB DESCRIPTION CHARGE NURSE RN/LPN NAME: DATE OF HIRE: DEPARTMENT ASSIGNED: SUPERVISOR: SHIFT ASSIGNMENT: DUTY HOURS: PURPOSE OF YOUR JOB POSITION The primary purpose of your job position is to provide direct nursing care to the residents, and to supervise the day-to-day nursing activities performed by nursing assistants. A charge nurse prepares schedules and delegates nursing assignments. Employee Signature: _____ Date: _____ THE DOCTORS CLINIC IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Last update: 05/10/2005 Job Summary . Job Description Job Title: Senior Staff Nurse Department: In Patient Unit Responsible to: Ward Sister/Charge Nurse Primary Work Base: Coventry/Warwick NB as we are a multi- site organisation some flexibility relating to place of work will be required. Duties 1. Provides nursing expertise into the planning and decision making processes within the Surgery