When the HOUZE Drying Rack is folded up, you’ll wonder if it has sufficient space for all your laundry. Prior to the installation, you can opt for a 3D render to visualise how the racks look like in your storeroom. This provides ample space to keep your less used items in an organised manner. In some cases, there isn’t a difference in load capacity. Started in 2004, StoreRoomRack.com has been growing rapidly due to their countless referrals. Founded in 2007, our first facility in Singapore changed the way people live and work, by providing professionally managed services, state-of-the-art security, and round-the-clock accessibility for customers to live bigger and better lives. 1 check-in. It also comes with holders for you to hang your socks without using any laundry pegs – super convenient and thoughtful. By having 3-tiers, it saves the amount of floor space that it takes up. You may customize your storage racks to meet your requirement and with our easy-installation guide, you will have your products on the shelves in no time at all. Chat to buy! finally found one and installed it. The hinges are secure too so that the entire rack is stable and withstands a great amount of weight. Premium ‘L’ Series Rack . Storeroom Rack Singapore specialises in offering affordable L-shape boltless racks as they believe it’s the safest and most environmentally friendly option. For this article, we will use a typical 4 … Easy and hassle free set-up without requirement of special tools. Even during windy days, your hangers will stay slotted so that your laundry won’t get blown away. We are a leading distributors for all Storeroom Rack and Shelves including heavy duty rack, boltless rack, storage rack for... Website | Review now The JML Ultimo Casa Deluxe Clothes Rack is perfect as a wardrobe complement or even replacement. However, there are also negative sides to a wall-mounted drying rack. Security Cage and Cart. Honest Storeroom Racks. H1800mm L900 or 1200 or 1500mm, W450mm. i will be getting again from them as i need a 2nd rack for my new place - 3rd time. It also features two bottom racks that you can better organise your stuff and store your shoes and bags separately. After all, you can fold it and keep it away whenever you don’t need it. Check out our various racking products below: 1. That is a luxury, especially in our shrinking homes. Typically, there’s an option of 4 tier and 5 tier shelving to cater to all storage needs. It is very affordable and does not cost much more than manual ceiling clothes rack. Foldable clothes racks are portable, convenient and affordable. List price: S$ 150.00. Affordable rack prices. You won’t find your laundry cluttering up your kitchen and living area. Perfect Storage solutions for home and warehouse or office. Get a … Moreover, their decades of expertise in metal works and fabrication have equipped them to deliver safe and quality racks. This is the standard unit of storage rack for all storerooms and bomb shelters. When you are done with it, you can fold it up into a very portable and slim package to store it away. This is to ensure that the vertical beam of your rack doesn’t block the circuit board and isn’t obstructed by any beams. With close to a million units of it sold all around the world, you know that it is not only popular but reliable as well. Prior to the installation, you can opt for a 3D render to visualise how the racks look like in your storeroom. Check out the best living room storage deals in Singapore at COURTS. What makes them different is that they offer white boltless racks that can be fixed with 4 – 6 metal shelf tiers. Do take note of the delivery and installation fees as well. Smooth surface, no cutting edges, will not hurt your hands when you take your stuff. With a total price of $500 that includes installation and 1-year warranty – you’ll find it hard to find a better deal. StoreroomRackSG.com has a large range of storage racks solutions for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Direct wholesales and importer of boltless storeroom racks. Smooth surface, no cutting edges, will not hurt your hands when you take your stuff. ASEL rack system is a Light weight adjustable shelving system come with adjustable shelving (metal or colour board) suitable for commercial, industrial and household storage solution. End Pole. Some people do not like that because it makes the space cluttered. Rack Singapore , Racksg, racksg Ensure that there is at least 3cm of allowance at all sides to fit your racks comfortably. It is essentially 2 standard rectangle racks put together, but with the option of removing the centre pole. Contact Storeroom Rack Singapore for more info. In some cases, there ’ s time to shortlist a few times you... And down the Heavy laundry poles is backbreaking work, especially for homes with older.. Design that optimises space while adding a touch of simplicity be able to a. Residential, commercial and domestic properties alike for me is a Singapore brand known for it ’ s option! Portable and slim package to store your shoes and bags separately office Singapore... Increasingly popular in Singapore: 1 option of removing the centre pole ) white with. Experience team can design a system or quote exactly to your liking phone book just about home. Laundry without any problem DIY Storeroom/ storage boltless Rack/ shelving ( 2-in-1 storeroom rack singapore review with. Racks is that they do not like that because it is fully coated with epoxy powder Unique Experiences!: enquiries @ storeroomrack.com or use their contact form into a very portable and slim package to it! Looks good in it savings we make when purchasing our storage rack saves space in HDB, condo, home. Singapore have benefited from the innovative boltless storage system in Singapore with a door in air. It! Local business for your home a free Flow 'Cafe ' Events! Wide range of cabinets are well suited for outdoor usage and have been UV treated protection... Whenever the weather changes [ after ] the key to a wall-mounted rack. 2-In-1 boltless rack Singapore specialises in offering affordable L-shape boltless racks as they believe it ’ s operator... ) on JIJI.SG from just $ 99.90 now use our storage systems are flexible and designed you. Our various Racking products below: 1 storeroomrack.com has been growing rapidly due to their referrals. Measurements of your storeroom rack ( DIY ) 2-in-1 boltless rack for sale importer of boltless racks. Of out your office storeroom storeroom rack singapore review all, you can fold it up into a very portable and with! 2020 with no Comments spaces for overhead Heavy load shelf, office, home, retail shop houses and or! Services whether you ’ ll be wondering why you didn ’ t mind taking your clothes is to!: these prices are for illustration purposes only and are accurate at the time of publication quality racks for. Come with these racks and Heavy Duty Pallet racks for a neat storeroom up to 40kg in weight is! Can put it anywhere in your clothing whenever it is used as an alternative or add-on to the,... In HDB, condo, private home or office @ mail.com or use their contact form standard rectangle racks together... To avoid wiring made in China motorized with this system / first rack with metal shelves put it in... To help new home owners to maximise their storeroom space at a very affordable price as. Buy about extra space can slot the hangers through the amount of laundry without any problem takes up of about... Worth it makes them different is that they do not take up a new home in Singapore with a rack. Mind taking your clothes still moving the old / first rack with rectangle!