What do you do to reduce stress or destress? In the "Psychology Today" article "Long Distance Love is a Touch and Talk Challenge," Rita Watson, associate fellow at Yale's Ezra Stiles College, advises people in long-distance relationships to maintain communication daily, regardless of how it's done -- for example, by phone, text or video chatting. What’s your favorite organization you’ve volunteered with? In Conclusion. What’s the most complicated meal you’ve made and how did you learn to make it? From miles away, trends can vary but also be quite the same. From the breaking news to what’s trending on Twitter, discuss what is going on around you. How do you feel about monogamy versus polyamory? How are we different? Did your family often take vacations when you were growing up? How would you describe what makes your family special? What do you most like to see me wearing when we’re together? Click to Grab the FREE Report: "99 Confidence Hacks To Massively Boost Personal Confidence”, 99 Most Common Neutral Personality Traits, 51 Of The Best Benefits Of Rebounding Exercise, 11 Major Signs You’ve Met The Right Person At The Wrong Time, 13 Most Common Reasons Why You Are Still Single, 13 Proven Ways To Be Less Selfish In Your Life, How To Make Good Habits Stick: 11 Secrets From Research, 15 Strong Personality Traits That Can Overpower Others, 77 Existential Questions To Blow Your Mind, Helpful Communication Exercises For Couples. This website uses cookies to store information on your computer. If not, why? Which would you rather ignore? 44. What’s comforting to you when you’re sick? What’s the best movie to watch with a group of friends? 1. So, having something to talk about is essential. 28. 22. Can you picture the two of you enjoying long conversations involving some of these questions? Do you make decisions based on emotions or logic? When was a time you got really dirty or muddy? Who has influenced your spiritual growth the most? 24. 5. How will you use these long-distance relationship questions? When you travel, do you prefer to do touristy activities or go off the beaten path? How have your friends influenced who you are? However, if you find that your conversations are getting stilted or boring, don't … How does our relationship display the gospel and glorify God? Do you care about how many unread emails you have? What do you think our biggest potential area of conflict might be? And you’re both determined to stay connected and to deepen the relationship. Get to know their daily routines to make the distance between you seem shorter. What type of health is most important: emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental? Who’s an older believer you respect at your church? Talk to your partner in third person. Where is your family originally from, and how much of that culture has your family retained? Wannikki Taylor is a professional writer with a Bachelors of Arts in journalism from Temple University. 61. How did you decide to pursue your major/career? What’s something you like for your partners to do for you? 25. What’s one passage of the Bible you don’t understand yet? Would you ever run for an elected government position? Which country would you love to visit together? It is only natural that sometimes you run out of things to talk about. Would you become an astronaut if you had the chance? How can I encourage you in your walk with the Lord? What is your idea of the perfect date night with me? Learn what they’re into to find shared hobbies and passions. 27. What’s the last book you read and enjoyed? Learn how your comment data is processed. Maybe you can plan visits on your boyfriend or girlfriend's birthday or your anniversary. 3. For example, I know a guy who sings really well and I miss his voice and then you can call them. What would you do if you won the lottery jackpot? Why? Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. 68 Totally Relatable Quotes About New Relationships, 108 Of The Best Relationship Questions To Ask For Great Conversation. Do you know your spiritual gifts? Whatever is trendy can be a source of endless conversation. How do you decide who is worthy of trust? 36. If one of you is studying abroad, discuss the historical sights you will visit together. Do you feel safe sharing your vulnerabilities with me? Be honest about your feelings . 41. (Car, plane, boat, bicycle, etc.). Ask them their pet peeves or favorite song. What did you do? Tell them an interesting fact or something that you stumbled upon recently and couldn’t help but ponder over. If you could change the meaning of your name, what would it be? If so, how do you use them? Maybe you are raising kids, or buying a house, or just trying to make life work. How do you distinguish between primary (essential) and secondary doctrine? What are your deepest dreams and desires for yourself and for us? What toy did you think you would never outgrow? (podcasts, newspaper, Facebook). Perhaps your boyfriend wants to have a movie night and talk about favorites scenes over the phone. Name one commonly-held belief that you disagree with. What topics of conversation trigger angry or bad feelings for you? It happens that sometimes you have nothing to talk about. Try any of these fun questions to ask your significant other the next time you meet online or over the phone. Ask your sweetie's opinion and give your own on a recently released cellphone or tablet or on a new song just released by a popular band. How important is it to you that we both agree on whether we want kids? 64. Are you a risk-taker or do you like to play it safe? Let’s be real: even marathon-callers can’t conquer 225 questions in a single video call. How would you describe your church to someone who’s never gone before. What kind of pet would you love to have someday? What national parks and major landmarks have you visited? Is there anything making you unhappy in our relationship right now? What more can we do to stay close while living apart? What natural landscapes do you love most? 18. During quarantine I understood the importance of h, Happy Monday! What responsibility do we have to care for the environment? What’s your favorite kind of story to tell, to hear, or to read? How would you describe the purpose and goal of missions? What were your highs and lows of the day? Where do you enjoy serving at your church? Do you plan to stay involved as an alumni? She specializes in games, crafts and party planning ideas for kids and their families. If your boyfriend likes superheroes, ask … 67 Long-Distance Relationship Questions to Ask Your Significant Other . Some are essential to make this site work; others help us improve your experience. Both of you can share your favorite childhood memories and reflect on the innocent times in your lives. What was something that made you chuckle today? 7. Get to know their daily routines to make the distance between you seem shorter. How confident are you that you’ll stay in this field? 13. 59. Who knew getting to know someone long distance could be this much fun? I got you covered. 37. Keep track of which long-distance relationship questions you’ve answered by downloading the PDF version of this list, available in the flowery box at the top of this page. Although it might not seem an obvious thing to do but talking about your really intimate life can bring you closer and build trust between you and your partner. Discuss the full range of possible long-distance dates, deciding which ones the two of you would like to try. Breakfast food or dessert? What do you respect and love about each of your parents? Have you been to another country? What are your top three countries you want to visit and why? If you had to spend a $5,000 giftcard at only one store, where would you go? What’s your favorite mode of transportation and why? Long-distance friendships can be tough, but your relationships don’t have to fade away just because of a few hundred (or thousand) miles. If you made contact with aliens, what would you ask them? Who is your biggest role model? People role play all the time. … 58. What’s the most interesting animal you’ve seen in the wild? Would you move overseas short-term or permanently? What do you think of the trend for businesses to focus on “social good”? 21. What will keep us happily together for years to come? Which country’s culture would be the most difficult to adapt to? What characteristics of God are most attractive to you? And whatever the outcome, you’re worth the risk. How do our personalities complement one another? "Part of this is that there is still some stigma associated with them. 52 Discussion Questions For Couples That Will Make You Closer. If you could see one band/musician (dead or alive) play a concert, who would it be? 14. What scents or aromas make you feel most at home? If you had a million dollars, what charities would you support? A debate will also let you know much more about your partner and where they stand on certain things. If you could only eat one type of food or dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? What was your favorite book series as a kid? What’s the first childhood memory you can remember? What are five simple things that bring you joy? When your friends move across the … 33. 67. Don’t think about what they will think. What theological issues have you changed your position on? What was your dream job when you were a child? But you can also imagine and talk about what you would do if you were together at this moment. If you could visit anywhere, where would you go and what would you do? Have you ever been to one (or more) of the Seven Wonders of The World? 23. How has God increased your joy in Him in recently? When do you feel the most vulnerable? 51. Looking back, would you choose to attend the same college? If someone gave you enough money to start a business – no strings attached – what kind of business would you want to start and why? What are your siblings like? What books have greatly impacted your thinking? How do you usually hear about the latest news? That part doesn’t matter. Let your partner get a clearer idea of who your friends are. Do you like receiving little gifts and surprises from your partner? Get to know their relationship style to increase compatibility. 15. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship before? What times of day do you have the most energy? 2. What makes each one unique? 22. 63. You can say ‘I found this so funny, I fell on the floor’. What’s your perspective on the best and worst ways to help people in poverty? Learn about their personal history to give you a better idea of who they are today.