He has the ability to throw smoke on the floor and disappear briefly, but he can easily be found by the arrows coming towards you. Return to Patrai, but before speaking to Natakas, find and kill the fourth Ancient, Sophos, for Order of the Storm (4/5). After the cutscene, kill the Conspirator and the guards around him to defeat Order of Hunters (6/7), as well as receiving the Persian Elite Chest Guard. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Return back to the Rock Arch hideout for another cutscene, ending this episode and unlocking; You will also receive the Edge of Time legendary dagger and the Persian Elite Band. Head east towards Olynthos Fortress, and use Ikaros once you're close to it to locate Darius on it's south-western side. As mentioned above, if you arrive at Amphipolis at night, the wolves will be attacking the civilians around the city. This episode has an achievement tied to killing 10 enemies with the Rapid Fire ability. After the cutscene, take out the two soldiers and head north-west to a nearby Spartan camp. Before returning to Natakas, head to Boura to deal with the last two Mercenaries. After they're dealt with, another four will arrive on horseback from the south-west, so take these out as well before returning to Orontas. Firstly head north to the southern coast of the Sacred Lands of Apollo region in Phokis where there will be a Spartan ship sailing. After the fight, speak with Parmys nearby to end the quest. You'll now need to collect five bear furs, which is fairly easy as there are a lot of bears roaming Makedonia, so you're highly likely to get them whilst traveling to the next two mercenaries. Return to Darius afterwards to end the quest. Board the Adrestia, which is now just off the coast, and travel out to defeat the four Spartan ships. There's a good chance he'll be surrounded by other guards, but he does venture out on his own occasionally so you can wait until then if you wish. On this page of our guide we've described all side quests that you can unlock in the first episode of Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade. Head to the Adrestia, then out to sea to take out the three marked ships to end the quest. There's no real benefit to keeping him alive (you'll only have to kill him later otherwise), so choose to fight him. Legacy of The First Blade is the first piece of DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Kill her and her two guards to get the Order of Hunters (5/7), as well as the Persian Elite Arm Guards, then talk to Natakas to end the quest. Pick up the note, then read it from your inventory to locate the treasure mentioned. Before leaving the fort, in front of the large building on the northern side is a small note to pick up, which will start the On the Grapevine sidequest. The arrows are weaker than a normal attack, and cost a small amount of adrenaline each time, but fortunately only the final hit has to be made with the ability, so you can weaken the enemy with regular arrows first. Namely, he addressed the fact that the ending forces your character into a relationship, despite appearing to offer a choice in the matter. Pick up the basket and return to the house, and after the cutscene the episode ends, unlocking; This episode has an achievement tied to it for killing 10 enemies with the Fury of the Bloodline ability. After a couple of cutscenes, you will unlock; Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Hunters in Makedonia. Return to Patrai (Atos the Best Caller is located here) and to the shipyard to the east again to find Darius inside one of the half built ships. Head back to the house in the Istion Valley and approach the bouquet of flowers on the floor. For now, travel north-west to Patrai and to the Leader House there, use Ikaros to find the note on the north-western corner of the house, and go in and grab it. Save the other two locations for a bit, it's easier to run through another quest beforehand. When you eventually come across her, kill her for Order of Dominion (3/7) and the Master Assassin's Belt. Travel west to Mount Ithome Fort, and climb up the tower in the north-east corner to pick up a note from the Order. Kill him for Order of the Dominion (4/7), as well as the Master Assassin's Robes. Note: If you don't want to chase down Akantha in Amphipolis, her clue can be found in the building next to the nation chest on the south-west corner of Olynthos  Fortress. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. There's only five of them this time, so the process is a little less labored than the other two. Destroy it to get the third code book, then head west towards Kephallonia to find the fourth and final book aboard another Spartan Ship. Much like the cultists in the base game, these are located throughout Makedonia, all of whom need to be killed for another achievement in each episode. Leave the mine and go up to the Temple of Zeus above it for a cutscene, after which you'll be in a fight with Amorges. It's no different to any of the other high ranking ships you've faced so far, so destroy it for a cutscene to play out. Once they're dealt with, return to Darius and talk to him again. Travel a short way south to the Amphitheater and speak to the man in blue clothing in the front row. If you play as Alexios then the characters name will be Neema instead. At the end of this quest, you'll now be able to use the Flamethrower aboard the Adrestia. Killing 10 enemies with the Rapid Fire ability will unlock; Rain of ArrowsKill 10 enemies using the Rapid Fire ability.2 guides. This episode has an achievement tied to killing 10 enemies with the Death Veil ability. On one of the portions with a mast will be a body with a clue to the next Ancient, Sophos. After the cutscene, head to the northern coast of the Istion Valley and speak to Kleta. Head north-east to Kedeas Cave, deal with the guards if you wish, then drop down the hole on the south side to get another clue for an Ancient, this time Artazostre, who will roam the whole southern side of Messenia. Back to the Give Our Respects quest, head north to the Stenyklaros Checkpoint where there are two more Order guards to take out, then head south back towards Aipeia and to the Temple of Apollo Korythos where the last three guards are. Follow the Huntsman into the cave for the second half of the fight. Killing him will be Order of the Storm (2/5), and you will receive the Armor-Piercing Spear of the Unbreakable legendary spear for doing so. Free the northern one second before ending with the one on the eastern side. You'll also finally receive the Judgment of the Lion weapon, you'll need to parry 10 enemy attacks whilst the weapon is equipped to heal yourself (though you can be at full health).